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Skycell Secure Voice Telecommunications

Skycell STU-III service allows you to talk securely from anywhere within American Mobile's Skycell coverage area to a landline STLI-III phone virtually anywhere in the world. With the use of the SIU-100A STU-III Interface Unit you can connect standard STU-III telephone equipment to your American Mobile approved satellite terminal. The combination of Skycell's reliable, seamless satellite coverage and the compatibility with STU-III gives you a clear advantage over ground-based systems.

The SIU-100A allows high-level encrypted phone calls to be placed using American Mobile's Skycell STU-III service. Standard STU-III encryption integrity is unaffected and operation is simple. The SIU-100A works with STU-III phones at any security level -- 1, 2, 3 or 4. Simply plug the STU-III phone into the SIU-100A and dial. When the call is connected, a voice prompt will ask the answering party to "please press 'Secure' ".

STU-III Features

  • Seamless North American service
  • End-to-end security on voice communications
  • RJ-11 interface port for standard STU-III phones
  • Direct dialing
  • Personal 800 number
  • Per minute satellite telephone rate that includes all long distance         charges in the continental United States; no roaming charges
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